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Goal of our Foundation:

The realisation of a feature film about European (mainly Dutch) women and children during the Japanese occupation (1942-1945) of the former Dutch Indies.

Never before a movie was produced about the hard-hearted way Dutch women and children suffered from the Japanese occupation. For three years over 65.000 Dutch woman and children lived in Japanese internment camps under grim circumstances. In 15 to 20 years there will not be any survivor left to give testimony of the hardship they endured. As a memento for those who suffered, this story has to be told to the next generations.

The movie will be produced by FATT Productions an international film, arts, television and theatre production company, based in Amsterdam. Their core business is the development of high quality feature films and TV series for a wide, international ‘From Amsterdam to Tokyo’ audience.

Founder Hans de Weers has already produced many award winning films and television series a.o. ANTONIA’S LINE, winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and BLUEBIRD, winner of the Crystal Bear in Berlin.

De Weers joined forces with Elwin Looije who has worked as a line-producer all over the world. Looije’s extensive international experience accompanies FATT’s ambition to put international co-productions front and centre. Recent successful premiere of the Netherlands-Italy-Canada co-production TULIPANI at TIFF (feature film directed by Oscar winner Mike van Diem) proves FATT projects strategy.

Author Sylvia Pessireron, of Moluccan descent and known for her novels De verzwegen Soldaat (the Silent soldier) and Gesloten Koffers (Closed suitcases), has been appointed as scriptwriter. As a visiting lecturer of the Foundation Visiting Lectures World War II in South-East Asia, the history of the Dutch East Indies is well-known to her. Her treatment is not only based on the novel ‘Please, can we stay in this camp forever?’ but also discloses the heart-breaking fate of two young girls who were chosen as comfort-women, of boys who were separated from their mothers and of one of the women who endured life in a Kempetai women prison camp. To fund the script of this major feature film, FATT Productions will request a subsidy from the Netherlands Film Fund.